The frontend software automatically selects a low resolution. Maybe similar to Photo Scanner ? Parallel interface requires ppscsi driver and epst module. In this case it could be supported by the mustek SCSI backend. The –green-gamma-table parameter can be used to download a user defined gamma table for the green channel. None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

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On updated Ubuntu The –color-correction switch controls the scanner internal color correction function. However, it’s detected as mass storage px-a62 so just mounting it is reported to work. This is only a summary!

Valid choices are None, Red, Green and Blue.

for epson icbk46 icc46 icm46 icy46

Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using scanimage –help -d epkowa Not all devices support all options. An integer number starting at the beginning of a line will be interpreted as the IO address of the parallel port.

It is necessary to powercycle the scanner to get the communication between backend and scanner going again.


The parport xdpi grayscale version of this scanner is unsupported. Sometimes the scanner is not initialized correctly. All major scanning-related features are supported except for IPU. The color correction eepson –cct-1 –cct-2 –cct Use this feature only if you know what you are doing!

Please contact me if you own this scanner. Dynamic loading of shared-library backends. Work on a backend has started, contact the author for details see link.

Printer: Epson PX-A | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

All buttons and sensors are exposed. Bug watch updates for SourceForge. We appreciate the difficulties you are facing, but it would make more sense to raise problems you are having in the support tracker at https: The –dropout option determines which color filters are used to scan in Binary mode. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. YannUbuntu yannubuntu wrote on Backend generates binary and grayscale modes.

Same name, but different ids: Only scanners with product id 0x will work; try the gt68xx backend, if your scanner has product id 0x More information about valid syntax for SCSI devices can be found in sane-scsi 5. Reads PNM epaon Comment: The larger the brightness value, the brighter the image gets.


Obsolete, use test backend instead. Please send mail to sane-devel lists.

Apple Epson Printer Driver 3.2 for Mac OS X

However, someone started working on this scanner and some information is available see link. Valid options depend on the installed options. Not supported by SANE. At present, the following scanners are known to work with this backend: Product id 0xb is supported by the gt68xx backend.

See link for device data. While an external px-x620 backend exists, it works only on Linux i