I am encountering some cgi timeouts with long scans but that is an Apache configuration issue. Yes trying to use simple scan cause it works when the firewall is disabled. It seems to function with IE7 on XP but the loading. Thanks for the info, I followed it and it worked great. The debug console is quite nifty. The correct sane conf files have to be manually edited as well so having a form won’t help much. I updated scanner-access-enabler to v1.

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The resolutions on the scan page are fixed and do not reflect what the selected scanner is capable of. Thanks for trying anyway. If you’ve added more than my patch then you should make it a beta 5 or something.

Implement tabs with a “preview” and a “last scan” or multiple previous scans tabs? What I have is a permissions problem, I’m sure.

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Confusing error messages “!!!!!!!! Note that not all scanners are compatible with the scripts even though your scanner may be in the sane compatibility list. With the current behavior it’s difficult to do either without performing a x3600 before each scan. I know that shell scripts can use gettext but I’ve never tried it.

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What is the correct syntax? I don’t know what to change to add pdf. I don’t think that scanimage has any simplified output for parsing by other programs at least nothing that compares to “-f”.


Only one change I would suggest. I updated scanner-access-enabler to v1. You can download it from my MediaFire account here http: Maybe if you could put them on your site so I can wget them? Everything works fine till I enable the firewall.

[SOLVED] HOWTO: Share a scanner on the network in Lucid Lynx [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

SAE mjstek scanimage -L and sane-find-scanner through sudo so it should find them. Users saned and www-data are added to the lp group. The “tee” command forks it to both the scanners. My saned autoconfig script http: That archive seems to be wrong.

How did you create the pdf in the old version i will add it if i figure out how to make a pdf Edit: Note – the enabler has to be used after every reboot as the change is not permanent. Sorry but I’ve been busy this week. Doesn’t support scanners on parallel ports.

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I fixed non-fatal html bugs and tried to fix the loading picture’s display it did not want to load the picture maybe if I were to base64 the image it would work but there goes IE 7 and below support oh-well IE sucks so who cares I added Title attributes to the image buttons print,download, etc. The output from scanimage is so non-uniform it makes it very time-consuming.


I am encountering some cgi timeouts with long scans but that is an Apache configuration issue. Here is a Release Candidate it has many new features here is everyone i can think of i may have missed some image editing low disk space warning more scanning options inline readme file support downloadable from any page better color them picker gui for parallel scanner management saved settings management scanners in use have a yellow background in the drop down menu has a list of installed scanners and details on each one can alter image contrast can make images larger TODO list: Permissions error if I don’t use sudo.

I still can’t get it to work though. Feel free to fix any problems you find since the original developer doesn’t have a scanner to work with.

Then there is the problem of determining how many resolutions to list and what their values ;ro be especially with scanners supporting 1dpi increments. Parallel port scanners are a rather old technology and rarely seen today.